Rosewood Academy is a disney roleplay held on Tumblr.


Rosewood Academy lies in the lush country side of England, home to the headmaster, Tristan Kingsley, and his daughter before he converted it into an academy. It was not long ago when Kingsley first discovered his power, and you can imagine it came as quite a shock. And when he heard of more cases like his arising around the globe, he believed there was a need for a safe haven for these people, where they would be sheltered from the ridicule of others.

Thus, Rosewood was born. Kingsley hired scouts to seek out people like them, gifted people, and to invite them to attend the Academy. Some were more difficult to persuade than others but once they realised they weren’t alone, that there were others like them, it wasn’t all too hard to get them to agree.

Most people notice their powers around the age of fifteen, small things that you initially disregard as a dream or hallucination. But by fifteen, the powers manifest and show more, some of which are hard to conceal. And this is when the youngster is sought out, their invitation arriving sometime around their sixteenth birthday. Little people know why people are developing these powers, what they’re for or how it’s even possible, but everyone knows that they’re connected. There’s some unknown bond holding this special group of people together, though most couldn’t even hazard a guess as to what it is.

But there are those, more enlightened than others, who are able to figure out the secret of these powers. The bond binding these special people is an other worldly magic which was once present in our world before being slowly eradicated. Now the only traces of this magic is in the powers of the reincarnations of the most powerful beings of the old world. After Tristan Kingsley met the current Guidance Counsellor, Shiloh Eagles, and the truth became known to him, he believed it more important than ever to bring these talented people together, to protect the now fading magic.


Core SubjectsEdit

  • English:
    • Standard English
    • English Literature [CLOSED]
    • English Language
  • Mathematics:
    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Calculus or AP Calculus
  • Science:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry or AP Chemistry
    • Physics or AP Physics
    • Psychology or AP Psychology
    • Health

Elective SubjectsEdit

  • Art
  • Astronomy
  • Business
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Etiquette
  • Fashion Design
  • Geography
  • History- Core, American or Renaissance
  • Language- French, Italian, Spanish, German or Latin
  • Music
  • Mythology
  • Philosophy

Mandatory ClassesEdit

  • Physical Education
  • Combat Training
  • Power Control