prettyboyproductionsrp is a appless RP held on tumblr. The roleplay focuses on characters in a gay porn studio.



The leading maker in up and coming gay porn. Pretty Boy Productions offers a wide selection with everything from jocks and twinks to bears and daddies there is everything you need to get rocks of, and it’s all just a click away. Sign up today. [1]


This is a gay smut appless rp based around the lives and work of gay pron stars set in a fictional studio. They can have family lives and other partners but only those who are porn stars at the studio are allowed to be played. This group will follow the group both on and off screen. Even thought this is smut rp. character development is highly encouraged.


  • Pretty Boy Productions proudly presents newest Star {Character’s Name} they are {Age} years old and come from {Hometown}. They are a {Top/Bottom/Verse} and identify as {Sexual Orientation*}. They like {Kinks 2-3} and are turned off by {turn offs 2-3**}. They tend to be {3-4 traits good/bad} and look like {Faceclaim} [2]