Pledge your Allegiance is a divergent roleplay held on Tumblr.


Chicago wasn’t the only city who had the faction system enacted. In the midwestern city of Saint Louis, the five factions have flourished for three generations. While no one refers to the city as Saint Louis, it is their city regardless. The dauntless, erudite, candor, amity, and abnegation aren’t as separated as they are in chicago. instead, they live intermingled in the west part of the city, while the eastern side is infested with the factionless — the only people they find the audacity to separate themselves from.

The dauntless live around the arch and the dried out river, decayed and dried with over a century of time passing. The amity reside in old webster grove where a lot of their music and art can thrive. The erudite find their home downtown where their business and their knowledge can be expanded in beautiful scenery and historical prevalence. The candor live on west end where old courthouses used to be and they can sufficiently live and thrive with their lifestyle of honesty. Finally, abnegation live in a very plain residential area in old kimmswick. while their hubs may be scattered, they live and mingle within each other, their jobs varying between areas of the expansive city. There are no such thing as true faction boundaries — only beliefs that run just as deep as old political values and nothing less.

the choosing ceremony takes place when every person in the city turns sixteen. however, there are still worries of the divergent and what threat they may pose. however, while divergence is not quite seen as a threat, there is whispers of the thought that it may become something to fear. so, people keep it hushed, attempting to pretend that it is not something that exists. whenever someone has results of divergent, they persuade them to keep it to themselves, and just live out the rest of their lives in a chosen faction without speaking of it.

with the factions so intermingled than it is in chicago, how long is it until a powder keg forms, and how much longer after that until it blows?