Paris Life RPG (parislife-rpg) is a romance RP set in Paris, held on Tumblr.


There are famous cities all around the world with something to offer, all of them boasting of great historical events, monumental attractions and rich cultures, but some cities stand out more than others. Paris is a city that has left its mark over the course of time, the many tales of wonder attached to it giving birth to more than one cliche. It’s a city of romance, of love, a place to follow dreams that would seem impossible anywhere else.

Despite the beautiful sound of the city’s natural language and the fanciful ideas attached to its name, not even Paris is without a dark past. Just like other important cities, Paris has a bloody, violent history for certain periods of time and those more harmful incidents haven’t become entirely obsolete.

Wherever people gather, so does joy and chaos. In a city filled with so many different personalities, it’s inevitable that some of them come with impure dreams. Some of the most beautiful things can be the most deadly and the same holds true of Paris. For every concerned cafe worker is a calculating drug dealer and there’s always corrupt businessmen for the sweetheart singers chasing after their dreams.

Beneath the shining, inviting surface of Paris are the dark streets and dim alleys. Good and bad are both still in the city, success and death happening side by side if you know where to look, the innocent being persecuted and the guilty going uncaught. Accidents, intrigue, love and heartache, there’s something for people of every walk of life in Paris if you know where to look. When you think about a trip to Paris, there’s really only one question you have to ask yourself.

Are you brave enough to chase your dreams?