northedgerp is a appless RP held on tumblr.


Northedge, Louisiana: 1860Edit

Northedge, Louisiana looked like a quiet and peaceful small town and for some time it was. However, the town quickly became plagued with supernatural creatures such as vampires, hybrids, werewolves, witches, etc. People started to go missing and the once safe and happy town took a dreary turn. Curfews were instilled to keep the townsfolk safe and out of harm’s way and it worked for a while but it only could do so much.

Northedge, Louisiana: 2015Edit

With the return of the Original family, the body count is piling up high. The town council called in The Five, a group of supernaturally gifted Vampire Hunters and they concocted a plan to end the presence of the supernatural in the small town. They made a deal with a coven of witches to fix their creature problem. The witches were to cast a spell that repelled the monsters from their town and keep them out. However, something went wrong. The spell did the complete opposite. There is now an invisible wall that keeps everyone from leaving. Will the Hunters be able to find a way to undo the spell and be rid of these monsters for good? Or will they be stuck there forever? [1]


  • Is that CHARACTER NAME? I hear s/he’s/they’re AGE (16+) years old, a(n) SPECIES, and the doppelganger of FACECLAIM. The people close to her/him/them would tell you s/he’s/they’re POSITIVE and POSITIVE but her/his/their enemies would say s/he’s/they’re NEGATIVE and NEGATIVE. I think it’s safe to say you shouldn’t get on her/his/their bad side. ( NAME/ALIAS, AGE, TIMEZONE, PREFERRED PRONOUNS )