Marked is a paranomral roleplay held on a Forum, that follows characters at Sanctum Insitute for the Supernatural.


The barrier between our world and that of the Daemos is once again cracking and the Marked are appearing once again. They are the humans with power, known only by the seemingly living tattoos upon their bodies. Ignorant of their long history and the secrets of the world, they were drawn towards Whitley, Massachusetts by fate, by chance, or by the mysterious Rochester Academy that opened its doors to naive Marked children. The Half-Breeds followed close behind, and it was miles outside of Whitley where the Daemos threat was reawakening.

On June 14, 2011, a gigantic portal to the Daemos realm awoke near Whitley, Massachusetts. It tore through the ground, split the sky open, and the Daemos realm invaded in full force. In a matter of weeks, the human society was wiped out. Those who remained hid themselves away. Some just tried to survive while others sought each other out, forming a resistance to try and drive the Daemos back once and for all. They failed. On August 31, 2011, at precisely midnight, the planet was blown apart in a single moment and the war ended.

But oddly enough, the story did not end there. The truth of those final days is still being sought out by confused survivors, but in the very next moment after the planet exploded, it returned as if the apocalypse had never happened. The human realm awoke to a timeline that had continued on through a perfectly normal summer where nothing had happened. Most humans remember only those normal days. The supernatural community, however, have only the horrific memories of the apocalypse to fill those summer months. This time is now known as the "Ghost Apocalypse" to those who remember it.

Some are saying that the apocalypse was a sign of what would happen if they did not band together and stop the Daemos. From all over, Marked and Half-Breeds are coming to Whitley, Massachusetts, the new capital of the supernatural world. Living in secret from the ignorant humans, they are gathering in the new Supernatural Quarter of Whitley. Rochester Academy, a sign of the separation between Marked and Half-Breed, has shut its doors.

In September 2012, the new Sanctum Institute for the Supernatural opened for the first time, promising to provide support, education, and community to the whole of the supernatural community. The Daemos threat is quiet for now, but with The Pit -- the only scar remaining from the apocalypse -- located just outside of Whitley, it is only a matter of time before it returns.

There will be no more second chances.